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KG of Premium Carnaroli Rice 4RICE by ENZIMIX

KG of Premium Carnaroli Rice 4RICE by ENZIMIX


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Discover authentic Italian excellence with our Premium Carnaroli Rice in 1KG packs, offered by 4RISO by ENZIMIX . This superior rice is carefully selected in the heart of the Vercelli area, an area renowned for its quality rice cultivation. Our Carnaroli Rice stands out for its extraordinary ability to absorb flavors and for its consistency which remains perfectly al dente, making it the ideal ingredient for any type of risotto and refined dishes.

Each bean is a testament to our dedication to quality and sustainability. We collaborate exclusively with local producers who share our passion for cultivation that respects the environment and the territory. The 1KG package is designed to maintain the freshness and integrity of the rice, ensuring that every grain that arrives in your kitchen is the best that Italy has to offer.

With 4RISO , you not only bring a gourmet product to the table, but also a piece of Italian culture and tradition. It's more than just an ingredient: it's a culinary experience that celebrates the art of Italian cuisine.

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